Welcome To GOeConcierge Testing!

Welcome To GOeConcierge Testing!

How We Work Computer Worker

Hello There!

THANK YOU for your interest in helping us test GOeConcierge and for being part of our success story. We are STOKED you are here!

Let’s Start With The Good Stuff…PRIZES!

Congratulations to our first round winners!

  • $250 Visa Card was won by Rosa Davis
  • $150 Visa Card was won by Marla Bainbridge
  • $50 Visa Card was won by Tomo Churchill
  • $25 Visa Card was won by Kelli Prather Realty
  • $25 Visa Card was won by Amber Ishikawa

You still have time and with this contest where everyone is a winner! Share this post, like our page and test our app to get $5 and $5 for every referral. The first 100 participants win so hurry up and help us improve to claim your rewards today!

Expectations for you, our valued on-the-go pro’s:

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Explore All The Features Of The App.
  3. Share and like our post on Facebook or LinkedIn and test our app to get your $5 and $5 for every referral.

AND…we have compiled a library of supporting resources for your use. Download here!

Our commitment to you…

  1. We too, will be having fun!
  2. We will be testing right along with you.
  3. Our team will be standing by to support you in any way!

Testing FAQ’s

What will happen to my data post testing?

Your profile, along with any data you load during testing, will be converted to our 14 day free test drive. This way, you may continue your hands-on experience if interested.

How do we share bugs, recommendations, & feedback?

We will use FlightTest to capture bugs, recommendations, and any other insights you wish to share. The more detail you can provide, including screenshots, the better!

What if I have questions throughout the testing process?

Our team will be standing by to support you in any way. Simply email us at connect@teamgoec.com!

What if I don’t wish to provide any personal information?

The only personal information you will be need to provide is your First Name and Email Address. We will provide sample data for your use in testing GOeConcierge should you prefer.

How much time should this take?

We estimate it should take approximately 3 hours to complete testing.

Yes, Sign Me Up To Help Test!


We truly appreciate you being part of our initial testing group.

Survey Completion Due Date:
April 19th

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