How It Works

You’re Just C.L.I.C.K.S Away From Awesome Organization!

Intuitive design, affordability AND ease of use.
Now that’s a winning combination!

Create Your Suitcase

Create Your Suitcase(s)

As soon as you create your first suitcase, your journey to amazing organization has begun! Add as many as you wish and label them based on preference:

  • By Location
  • By Trip
  • By Client Code
  • By Name
  • By Event
  • By Timeframe

Wanna assign a date range to your suitcase? You can do that too. The world’s your oyster!

How We Work_upLoad Items-2

upLoad Your Essentials

Snap, drag and drop or email forward essential information, suitcase by suitcase, and you are on your way to seamless consolidation:

  • Reservations & Confirmations
  • Images / Photos
  • Receipts
  • Email Communications

Once information is imported, we are on our way to creating your Master Itinerary. Heck, we’ll even sync with your calendar to include your appointments!

How We Work_Tag Items-2

Indicate Items To Be Expensed

With the built in GOeConcierge genius scan, receipts are digitally read, available for tagging and expensed. Viola, your digital report is in the works!

  • Receipts
  • Travel & Business Expenses
  • Invoices
  • Home Office Expenditures


Wanna stay connected with work associates, friends, or family? We’ve got cha’ covered!

Invite co-collaborators and once they accept, you are on your way to:

  • Jointly access travel logistics and other critical information
  • Stay apprised of group logistics
  • Operate from the same master itinerary
  • Chat, assign tasks and co-create lists
  • Upload and share photos


Log Mileage

Keep Track Of, Log & Expense Mileage

Oh, the dreaded mileage log!

Need to track, log and expense mileage? No problem, the built in tracking feature does just that.

Just add odometer deets and GOeConcierge will track mileage, produce a log and add miles you rack up to your expense report.

Expense Reporting Made Easy

Simplify Expense Reporting

Upload expenses, log mileage, tag as you go and presto, digital expense reporting is in the works!

  • Capture costs as they occur to save valuable time and money
  • Customize templates to reflect accounting processes
  • Standardize expense reporting across teams
  • Access and customize expense reimbursement accountable plans
  • Generate, review and export reports for reimbursement, tax and invoicing purposes


Sounds great to me, I’m ready to get started!

Bonus GOeConcierge Features!


Robust Traveler Profile

Access critical information safely saved in your Traveler Profile.

  • Rewards Programs & Preferences
  • CC Customer Care Phone Number’s
  • AAA and Travel Association Numbers
  • Passport Details
  • Insurance Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Allergies

Resource Library

Discover a wealth of resources in the included library.

  • Airport Deets (Airport Maps, Flight Information, Services, COVID Updates)
  • Points of Interest While Out & About
  • Health & Wellness Resources (Hiking Trails, Walking Scores, Health and Safety Advisories)
  • Marketplace
  • Sample Accountable Plans & Expense Reports

Join the Community

Share your favorite experiences and learn from other members of the broader GOeConcierge community!

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Must See Destinations
  • Packing Ideas
  • Favorite Outdoor Activities
  • Photo’s
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