Public Health and Safety Advisories

Public Health and Safety Advisories

Health & Safety

One’s health and wellbeing while traveling is essential. To this end, keep up with the latest rules and regulations from these Public Health and Safety Advisories.

Center for Disease Control

Take these travel recommendations from the CDC into account when considering your next trip.

View CDC Recommendations

U.S. State Department

Find country-specific COVID-19 travel advisories from the U.S. State Department.

View Travel Advisories

International Civic Aviation Organization

Learn how the ICAO is addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the global aviation industry, and what steps they’re taking to reduce health risks.

View ICAO Travel Guidance

Transportation Security Administration

Find out how the TSA’s security checkpoints are being impacted by social distancing, sanitization, screening policies, and more.

View TSA Travel Response

International Air Transport Association

See the latest travel regulations with this Interactive COVID-19 map from IATA or sign up for alerts to learn about changes as they happen.

View IATA Regulations

World Health Organization

Get recommendations for international travel, find out what precautions to take, and more from the WHO.

View WHO Travel Advice

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